The R-Line RCMs are designed to work alongside other HYVA waste handling products. For eg the RCM03 or RCM07 could be paired with a 22m3 mega RCB – so called ‘Satellite concept’ configuration. Siilarly the RCM10 cold be paired with an SC Medium – a so called ‘transfer concept’ configuration. the mini collectors (RCM03, RCM07 and RCM10) can be easily access and collect refuse from small or narrow city streets, transport the load a short distance and discharge it into the SC Medium. When full the Mega RCB or Container can then transport the waste to its final disposal destination. This smart logistics solution means fewer driving miles and delivers cost and environmental savings

Benefits from the HYVA Advantage

More Payload

The RCM body is a closed container and water tightness is guranteed.

No Liquid Losses

Bins are lifted vertically and then rotated only when they are above the loading mouth. This prevents all solid and liquid losses and makes the RCM suitable for collections of glass and biodegradble wastes.

Better Driving Comfort

The trapezoidal structure of the container with the top integrated compaction system serves to shorten the overhang and give a better axle load distribution for better comfort.

Improved Safety

The hydraulic and electrical system with various protection plates covering cylinders and hoses complies with CE standards.